Gold Leaf Professionals: Hire a Professional (JFD Photography and Design)

A lot of people have been asking about our “Gold Leaf Professionals” Award.   This is Professionalnot something purchased by the wedding vendors of Huntsville. It’s an honor awarded to businesses for delivering excellent service to our Clients. Although, you all are much more than clients, you are a part of our family. I have created a hashtag for you #CouplesOfTheCove so that you can see more of your family!! As we get to know each other, we would like to help you get to know our Gold Leaf Professionals.

JFD_HCWP04 JFD Photography & Design has captured several weddings at Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation this past year. Jen Detulleo, wife of Huntsville Havoc coach Glenn Detulleo, has a background in Interior Design and found her love for photography after having her children. Her husband’s career moved them here. Now, she has the ability to put roots in our area and we are blessed to have her! The past two years she has worked to establish her business and you can find her studio in Historic Downtown Madison.

Her photography business totals 7 years of experience and she cherishesJFD_HCWP05 her privilege to capture life events.  Striving with her creativity to freeze the moments in time and continue to learn and grow with her art. She is not limited to wedding photography!! This is a person your family can grow with, from weddings to families and everything in between.

I love this classic car shot on the front of the Reception Hall Stables. This photo was actually chosen, by a panel of judges from a large pool of photos, as a Finalist in our 2015 Photo Contest!! (Not one but two of her images were chosen as finalist.)


Jen and I share a favorite moment in a wedding day!! So many beautiful and perfect moments happen in a wedding but everyone has a favorite! For some it’s the cake, some it’s the first dance, but for us it’s the Father of the Bride.  When he sees his daughter for the first time in her gown, it is so special in its own way.

Heather Tip: I recommend taking the time to have a “Father Daughter First Look”   It doesn’t have to be full of hoopla, it can be as simple as clearing the Bridal Suite and having the photographer capture this memory. Makes me think of “I loved Her First”, a popular country song that sings of this true and precious moment. Honoring your father with this memory is priceless!!!


JFD_HCWP01 “I love capturing life’s most precious moments for my friends, family and clients” -Jen Fouts-Detulleo

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Jen’s dedication, talent and passion has been shown to us and told to us by our shared clients. She will continue to be recommended by us at Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation!

If you would like to see more JFD Photography & Design’s Facebook and Website

Don’t forget to mention that you met her on our blog!


gold leaf professionalsJen and JFD Photography and Design has been awarded the Gold Leaf Professionals label due to her high level of service to HCWP’s Family!


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